About our Unique, waterproof baby playmats

Behind the Brand

Rockabye River was created when our founder, Sarah, was searching for a play mat for her first child. Whilst there were a few options for basic, geometric patterns, there was hardly anything out there which truly enhanced her homes décor in the way that a stylish designer rug would. After all, that is what a play mat often replaces. More importantly, it appeared that in an attempt to move away from the garish, cartoon designs and bright primary colours, play mats had lost what they were intended for… play! As a developmental biologist, she knew the importance of play and engagement to a developing mind. Rockabye River waterproof play were designed to bridge the gap between these extremes. 


Our Vision

Our brand is based on our passions and our values; a love and consideration of nature, a passion for play and adventure, a desire for style and art and a respect for culture and Country. Rockabye River believes that in order to maintain a stylish and beautiful home, you should not need to compromise on style, safety or the environment. With her background as a research scientist, our founder Sarah was able to source the best non-toxic, biodegradable, shock-absorbing material to create our gorgeous, stylish play mats. As a family-run brand, we truly believe in supporting small business. All of our fantastic designs have been created in collaboration with amazing, independent female artists, right here in Australia.    

rockabye river play mat
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