Friendly Dinosaurs and Baby Dino Wall Decals


Nothing to hide from over here! Our friendly dinosaurs are just watching over their little babies and eggs. Created in vibrant watercolour paints, this 16 piece wall decal set includes a smiling Tyrannosaurus and little hatching baby T-Rex, a friendly giant Brachiosaurus, mummy Triceratops and her two hatching babies, a wandering Stegosaurus, a majestical flying Pteranodon and a doting Diplodocus and her hatching baby. Also included in this set are three unhatched dino eggs and the broken shells of some hatchlings. Our dinosaurs have been created to nurture your child’s passion for all things dino, in a super cute and friendly child-centric style.  NOTE: This set only includes dinosaurs, dino babies and eggs. Bone, volcano, letters and foliage are additional. You can create a more striking prehistoric landscape by purchasing the Volcano and Tree ROAR Dino Extension Pack Wall Decal set, as displayed in our final product image.
Rockabye River’s range of Australian made fabric wall decals are crafted on polyester fabric, with a landlord-friendly adhesive backing, which won’t damage your walls! Easy to remove and re-use, our DIY reusable wall stickers can be placed on and off the wall as many times as you like, creating a magically unique backdrop to your little ones adventures.
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